Bootstrap Update

Good day EUers.

Thank you for using our official forums for over a year now! After thousands of mini updates, the forums finally have pulled the biggest update in their history. An update, which aims to satisfy all the needs of the community and the Republic.

We have made some simple yet very significant changes, to help you choose the best look, to work in a clean and modern environment and finally to facilitate your everyday needs.

We have updated and redesigned

- You can click on a users profile, to check their information from now on
- Your Private Messages Box
- Your personal Profile
- We redesigned the BB Box in every topic
- We added headers in all channels
- We redesigned your forum icons
- We added a MEGA MENU, which is still under development
- We created a sticky menu followed by sidebars to help you keep track of all of the activity

From you we request, only one thing. Help us, make your gameplay experience BETTER!

Yours truly,


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