Diplomatic VISA Application

Foreign ambassador? Apply for a diplomatic masking and to initiate diplomatic relations and regional consulates/embassies here.

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Whats your nations name: Alaweraz

Which region are you representing: New Western Atlantic

Are you applying for an Embassy/Consulate VISA: I understand that we already have one.

Are you going to be the official foreign correspondent in Enadia: Yes.

Your regions political stance: We currently have a left-leaning government, democratically elected last month.

Your regions military stance: We have no military.

What sort of diplomatic relations are you pursuing: The good sort. We aim to foster a stronger bond between the EU and the NWA to improve both regions.

I, Alaweraz, request an official Representative VISA to present my regions values, our peoples' interests and our goodwill for a fruitful cooperation and interaction with our foreign friends.
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