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Hello, Enadian citizen! If you want to go into the romantic world of adventure and danger (and hey, romance, eh? Eh?), then you have come to the right place!

Okay, I'm going to be blunt. This is a newspaper for what could be termed as an online community, so there isn't as much adventure as in real life journalism. But still though, the Enadian Morning Post needs YOU!

The following positions are available:
  • Proofer (1 position available)
    We already have an excellent proofer, but we still need extra one just in case to ease the backlog if needed.Basically, you are that second and final layer of editing and proofreading to make sure the paper is good for publishing. Once it is approved, it's ready for publishing!
  • Interviewer (2 positions available)
    We are looking for someone who is confident, and good at asking solid, thought-provoking questions of leadership. You would be in charge of our "Man-on-the-street-Q&A" segment.
  • Editor (2 positions available)
    You, as editor, will be looking through the paper draft and figuring out what needs to be changed before final proofing. We have 2 already, but we could always use a couple more to, again, ease some backlog and spread the burden more thinly.
  • Enadian Foreign Correspondent
    This is where the adventure sort of kicks in. You as a foreign correspondent would go out to other regions when called upon (mostly in A.I.R.) to get a feel of the climate and events there. You would be in charge of doing a foreign affairs column.
  • Enadian Military Correspondent
    You would most likely be going out for war reports and such. Basically keeping track of liberations and such.
Just copy and paste the code below and answer the questions accordingly. Thanks for your help and dedication, and as always, happy reading Enadia!

Code: Select all

[centre][b][u]Enadian Morning Post Application[/u][/b][/centre]
[*][b]What is the main NationStates country that you use?[/b]

[*][b]Link to that country:[/b]

[*][b]What is your name on discord?
[i]The Enadian Morning Post has it's own group chat where we collaborate and stuff, so I have to be able to find you and friend you to add you!)[/i][/b]

[*][b]What position would you be interested in?[/b]

[*][b]Optional questions; just want to get to know you![/b]
[*][b]What country are you from? If from the U.S. or Canada, would you like to specify which state? (Don't give out cities, please!)[/b]

[*][b]When's your birthday? Don't give out your year unless you feel comfortable![/b]

[*][b]What are your hobbies/interests (please do not put anything explicit)?[/b]

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