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Federation of Green Africa
Basic Facts
Languages:English (used in official documents), French (widely spoken)
Currency:CFA Franc (which, before the Federation, was already the currency of Senegal,
Land Area (detailed in claim):564,858 sq. km.
Population (detailed in claim):35,933,000
Leader: His Excellency, Premier of the Federation Michael Duvalier
This is not MY real name, please don't call me Michael outside of roleplay.
Conflict Immunity: N
Leader Immunity: Y

Land Claim
[+] Green Africa Land Claim
NationStates Name: Green Africa

IC Nation Name: Green Africa

Desired Land: (Image if you can paint it yourself, name of the states if not. Less than 600,000km please.)

Cape Verde
4,033 sq. km. | pop. 525,000
10,380 sq. km. | pop. 2,022,000
36,125 sq. km. | pop. 1,788,00
Sierra Leone
71,740 sq. km. | pop. 6,513,000
196,723 sq. km. | 14,150,000
245,857 sq. km. | 10,935,000

Total land area: 564,858 sq. km.

Land Population: 35,933,000

Color: (Optional! RGB code please, if not, then just the general color.)
Green or #00BF00

Population Source
Area Source

The Federation of Green Africa is a conglomerate of several nations on the West African Coast straddling Cap-Vert, which is not to be confused with Cape Verde, one of it's respective island territories. The capital city is Dakar, on the Cap-Vert Peninsula itself. Dakar not only hosts the National Congress but also the Provincial Congress of Senegal.
Think of it as if Washington D.C. were also the capital of the U.S. state of Maryland, which it isn't; that honor goes to Annapolis. Why not Baltimore, which is obviously of much bigger size, you ask? Look that's America; this thing is about Green Africa so let's move along!
Image The Assembly Nationale Building in Dakar, pre-Federation. Very futuristic for a nation like this. Corrupt funds?

The Government of The Federation likes to think of itself as a direct democracy, but it is really more of a representative one. The chain starts at the local level where every man and woman of 18 and older are automatically a member of their Town Congress. 10 members are voted to a Town Council, all of whom attend their Provincial Congress. The process repeats there. In November, there is a National Congress with delegates from all the Provincial Councils. The head of each Provincial Council is admitted to the Presidium, whose Premier rotates annually among the Provinces.
Landmine sign in Senegal from the 20th century conflicts that ravaged the region. SOURCE

This region has had important significance to local and foreign entities since the time of the Songhai and Mali Empires. European exploration bought extensive wealth and, later (unfortunately) oppression. This European dominance in the region ended in the 60's and 70's, but unfortunately, not the sordid conditions which these countries were left in. Poverty, civil conflict, and instability ensued until the early 10th of March, 2018, when the nations of Cape Verde, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and Sierra Leone decided to join forces for the betterment of their citizen's lives and the chance to be a major power and influence on behalf of their compatriots on the African continent. Soon afterward, the Federation made a pact to join with the great nations of Enadia (in roleplay) on May 14th.
Street in Kenema, Sierra Leone. Not a good sign of strength I guess, but at least I'm being honest. SOURCE

The economy is mostly focused in Agriculture and Mining, with less prominent manufacturing industries. Standard of living is quite low, however, the government has subsidized major reforms in the budget process to cut the military by half and fund welfare programs for the poor.
[+] Made in Green Africa
Millet, Sorghum, Rice, Diamond Mining, Fishing, Tourism, Transport

Naval troops from the Cape Verde Unified Provincial Forces. Surprisingly, as one will find in this Atlantic-washed nation, the Navy is actually quite pitiful. SOURCE

The military of Green Africa is known as the Green African Unified Forces. When the Federation was founded, the respective national forces were left under the control of the provinces. However, in times of war, the president has sole authority to call on all these provincial forces to unite and fight for Green Africa where needed. The G.A.U.F. consists of an Army, Navy, and Air Branch; however, not all Provinces necessarily have all 3 branches.
[+] Provinces, respective military forces, and totals
Cape Verde
1,200 Active | 4 Patrol Vessels
627,239 Reserve, 900 Active | 1 Jet Fighter | 3 Patrol Vessels
4,000 Active | 3 Fighters, 3 Helicopters
Sierra Leone
17,000 Active | 7 Gunboats, 3 Landing Utility Craft
1,158,893 Reserve, 17,000 Active | 5 Transport, 10 Helicopters | 20 Patrol Vessels, 10 Surveillance Vessels, 10 Coastal Vessels
45,000 Active | 3 Jet Fighters , 7 Helicopters | 7 Patrol Craft

This is roleplay Green Africa, which is not to be confused with alt-history Green Africa (The Great North African Federation of Green Africa) Thus, this is not an official factbook for the NationStates nation and only a guide for interacting with the roleplaying nation.
Green Africa
EU | 04 Minister of Culture
Enadia, where the journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step!
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