Guide to newcoming Nations!
Thank you for choosing us! Down below you will find a detailed Q/A

[+] What is the Enadian Union
The Enadian Union is a NationStates region bound to the ideals of democracy, liberty and sovereignty to all and especially its Member States.
[+] How can my nation Participate
There are plenty of ways that your Nation's Government can join the plenty voices of Enadia. Usually you start by Registering an Account. Once you validate your account through an e-mail confirmation,
you may apply for an EU Citizenship or an EU VISA!
[+] What is the difference between an EU Citizenship and an EU VISA
According to EU's Citizenship procedure, nation's that possess a WA (World Assembly) nation, within or outside EU's Borders are to be granted an Enadian Citizenship. While this policy stands, our government is aware that some of Nations have been ejected rightfully or not from the WA. Therefore in order to balance this and grant some basic rights and EU Opportunities to new-coming Nations, we have allowed your governments to apply for an EU VISA. Our VISA's vary according to their purpose and expiration time. The EU VISA's not only grand basic rights inside our Institutions, but they also serve for a political Asylum purpose, should it be ever needed!
[+] I am a Foreign Representative, what should I do
Greetings Sir/Madam. As any other occasion you would need to Register in our forums. Then it is highly suggested that you apply for a Foreign Dignitary VISA. Lastly you may apply for a Consulate or Embassy,
always according to your region's interests.
[+] What are some of the available Offices in the EU
Glad you asked! First of all the Enadian Union is divided intro three separated and sovereign entities.

The Executive: Consisted of the President of the EU, the Vice President and the rest of the Ministerial Cabinet.
These Nations are elected by the EU Member States that are in possession of an Enadian Passport (Citizenship).

The Legislative: Consisted of the Speaker of the Parliament and the Parliament Members, which are all the EU Member States of an Enadian Citizenship. Legislate, vote and debate a big variety of bills that will be affecting the Enadian Union.

The Judiciary: Or else known as EU's Department of Justice, is consisted of The Attorney General and EU's Constables. It answers legal questions and hears criminal and civil cases, looking to the laws of the Republic, both statutory and common, to render judgment.
[+] What can I do in Enadia
Absolutely everything!

Starting from a simple private business, to forming your own Political Party, attending or giving University Lectures.

To more advanced Military and Intelligence Gathering jobs. Who would have thought that you'd be able to be the next James Bond? Right?

Roleplay in our Community or legislate, vote and fail a dousen of bills. In Enadia you create your own reality!

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