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Bonjour! Though I'm a long-time resident, and given my recent decision to run for Senate, I decided it would be best to formally introduce myself both for those that don't know me and those that don't know me very well. My political leanings are social, democratic, and liberal, and I identify as a collectivist. I'm 26, male, and caucasian. I live in southeastern New Mexico (which is in the US), but I rarely keep that time zone's normal daylight hours and I sure as hell don't align with the normal political climate (not usually, anyway; when your state's predominately Hispanic, you tend to agree on certain things about the President). And despite my occasional use of French--and Ankuran's dominant language--I'm in no way fluent or even very competent in French.

Uh... Relevant interests, I guess, include visual arts, graphic design, and etymology. Irrelevant interests include rabbits.

Some information regarding Ankuran:

Ankuran is a medium-sized country off the coast of North America, located in the area known as the Sargasso Sea. Its only neighbor is New Belgium to the north. The dominant language is French. Climates range from the cold, rainy mountains in the north to the temperate steppes in central Ankuran to the marshy coasts to the south. Major industries include technology and ranching.
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Hey it would be great if you'd help me in more and future graphic designs!!! I am a fellow graphic designer myself.
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