South Kchina Citizenship Application

Whats your main nation's name?: South Kchina

Link to your Nation:

Secondary names / Nicknames that people may know you with: Chris

World assembly nations name: N/A

Regions you've been before: The East Pacific, Sonindia, Enadia (95% of my NS Life has been in Enadia, other two were brief stays)

Hobbies and things you like to do in your free time: Football, Eating, NationStates

Are you interested in Job Careers in Enadia? Y/N
  • If YES, what would you be interested in doing?
  • I am interested in becoming the embassy officer for Enadia. I noticed our embassy form is excessively complicated, so I thought I could bring productive reform.
Would you like to be contacted by the personnel of the EUF (Enadian Unified Forces)? Y/N No

Do you request the assistance of a Mentor? Y/N No

Please take the following oath! Any violations of your oath may lead to the termination of your citizenship:

I, South Kchina, pledge that I will bear true allegiance to The Republic of Enadia, that I will respect and follow the common laws that the people of Enadia have established and that I will fulfill my duties as a Enadian Citizen/Resident, including maintaining a nation in the Enadian Republic. I understand that any violation of the vows of this oath may result in the termination of my Citizenship status.
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